The AFI Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) is currently on the lookout for participants for the upcoming year. As an organization devoted to cultivating female talent into successful directors and producers, the selected participants will receive intense mentorship to direct a short film or new media project. All completed projects will be showcased the following year.

Up to eight projects will be selected for an intensive, hands-on training workshop, after which the participants direct their projects. On average, approximately 5% of applicants are selected to participate in the program.

Successful candidates will have demonstrated collaborative and leadership skills in their professional careers. The ability to identify strong script material is critical for consideration. Applicants must also possess a willingness and ability to fundraise and network in support of their productions.

Applicants must have a minimum of three years’ professional experience working in the arts. This experience may not include credits earned from an academic program. Please note that applicants with professional credits as narrative directors — defined as a directing credit on a nationally broadcast or nationally distributed narrative non-documentary feature film or television program — are not eligible to apply.

All with Permanent Resident Card) and must reside and work in the United States or its territories during the workshop period. All participants are required to maintain current health insurance throughout the program.

An approximate nine-month commitment to the workshop is necessary. The four-week workshop intensive in May requires full-time attendance at the AFI Campus, where the average workshop day is between eight and twelve hours.

Following the workshop, candidates will be engaged in pre-production, production and post-production for the narrative projects. There are required delivery dates in pre-production and post-production, but the participant is not otherwise required to be on campus for those phases.

There is a fee of $125 to apply to DWW. For more details check out the website HERE.



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