Hollywood’s Black Renaissance (HBR) is a digital platform founded by K. Nicole Mills dedicated to highlighting the achievements of women of the African diaspora in film and television.  HBR is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the legacy of Black women to include writers, directors, producers, agents, managers, attorneys, executives and others who promote positive images and ideologies of Black culture through visual media. This platform brings to the forefront the contributions of Black women in film and television from the 1920’s to the present.  With a renewed and dynamic narrative of the Black experience, these women are paving the way for a new generation of successful Black women in Hollywood.

By maintaining a variety of formats to convey diverse content that is often under reported or unreported in media outlets, HBR aims to empower our readers through information sharing, as well as inspire more women to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.  Our website provides content that includes current events, programs that promote inclusion in Hollywood, and achievements that women of the African diaspora have made in film and television.

HBR’s goal is to applaud achievers in films and television, while encouraging a new generation of women  to dream, achieve, and realize that a successful career in entertainment is within reach. Through the stories of strong, powerful, and relentless women, future generations will know that pursuing a passion may be a road less traveled. But, with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, it can certainly be a journey worth taking.

Feel free to reach out to us at: info@hbrmedia.org

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