Deadline Hollywood reports that Christine Birch, who spent 12 years at Sony Pictures before moving to positions at DreamWorks Studios, FilmDistrict, and most recently Focus Features as president of marketing, is returning to Sony as the EVP of Domestic Creative Marketing Strategy.

In the new position, her duties will span across advertising, publicity, digital, and creative content to unify campaign strategies.

As a Dartmouth College graduate, Birch started her film career working in market research at TriStar Pictures and in 1990, she joined MGM/UA where she played a major role in the resurrection of the James Bond franchise. Following the Sony acquisition of Columbia and TriStar Pictures, Birch joined her current company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, as Senior Vice-President of Market Research where she contributed to the success of films such as The People vs Larry Flynt, My Best Friend’s Wedding, As Good as it Gets, Air Force One and The Mask of Zorro. Birch was eventually promoted to Sony’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing with oversight of Creative Advertising, Media, Publicity, Promotions, Research and Digital Media and oversaw the worldwide marketing strategy for all film releases, cross-promotional initiatives, talent relationships and financial planning. During her tenure, she was the mastermind behind successful campaigns for releases such as Stuart Little, Big Daddy and Charlie’s Angels.

After spending 12 years at Sony, Birch joined Focus Features to serve as the President of Marketing, and was in charge of marketing campaigns for studio releases such as London Has Fallen and The Theory Of Everything among others. She held the same title during her tenure at the independent film distribution company FilmDistrict, and worked on titles such as Olympus Has Fallen. Prior to joining FilmDistrict, Birch served as the Head of Marketing for DreamWorks Studios, where she oversaw the marketing campaigns for all live-action releases and helped with the launch of Transformers, Tropic Thunder and The Help.

“Christine understands the conversation that needs to take place with the consumer to turn a film into a shared experience, making her the perfect addition to our team. She will help develop and implement cohesive ideas across all marketing disciplines so that our movies and franchises are the ones that are talked about, buzzed about and, ultimately, seen by audiences.” – Josh Greenstein, Sony, Worldwide Marketing, Distribution President