Just as Women’s History Month kicks off, YouTube has announced it’s partnership with the United Nations and will be launching a global platform to highlight and support women’s voices in media across the globe.  The digital platform will invest in videos created by female filmmakers through the YouTube Spaces program, which puts women in front of and behind the camera.  The year-long UN partnership will promote a group of female creators advocating for gender equality as the first “change ambassadors” for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Action campaign.

As for the second program, YouTube brought in female creators to YouTube Spaces over the past few months, producing more than 50 videos dealing with women’s issues.  In each YouTube Space project, one of the women acted as creative director, to ensure each video was shot from a female perspective. This project is part of a special YouTube initiative to spotlight and empower female creators in 2016.

“Our goal is to support the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for YouTube.” – YouTube

Check out the below promo titled “100 years of Incredible Women” which spotlights women from the past 100 years who have overcome great odds to find their voice.